Discover the quality of Italian coffee Carraro

At our company you will find everything what is needed to prepare it.

We appreciate almost 100 year experience of Carraro coffee roasters and their passion for their craft. The results of their hard work are excellent coffee blends and beverages of finest quality. Our aim is to show you how to prepare and serve it properly so that you can enjoy its delicious flavour.

Why Caffe Carraro?

We are perfectionists and therefore there is nothing we would change about Caffe Carraro as we are pretty familiar with Italian coffee culture and tradition. High quality of provided services is a must since Carraro is the 8th biggest producer and coffee roaster in Italy.

How we operate?

At first the coffee is ordered directly from Italy according to your requirements. We always deliver fresh coffee to your caffeteria or company. We will be more than happy to teach you how to prepare it properly so you, your clients or employees will enjoy it to the fullest.

What can we do for you?

Your caffeteria?

We will help you to build a coffee menu, provide you with coffee porcelain and we will instruct your staff in the best way in order to achieve fabulous results from Caffe Carraro beans in your cup.

Your company?

The finest quality of Caffe Carraro will be highly appreciated by your business partners as well as your employees. Let them enjoy the pleasure from drinking of genuine Italian espresso, ristretto or cappuccino.

Need to educate yourself?

Our coffee preparation know-how will be kindly provided to you, your baristas or employees. We will be glad if you enjoy the pleasure of our coffee to your satisfaction.

Some of our clients who trust in our work:

„Marco Polo Cafe company consists of real professionals and it is honour for us to coopoerate with them in Slovak market. They have client-oriented attitude with great passion for their work. It is pleasant for us to have such reliable business partners in Slovakia.“


Davide Vanzo, Caffe Cararo

They wrote about us..

The most famous Slovak coffee website wrote about us an article Gentleman od kávy as well as professional articles about coffee. Video on Pricemania webpage about coffee preparation and coffee culture can be watched here. It was our honour to contribute to VUB bank magazine – Privat World about coffee, its preparation, species, etc. Is it an art to prepare a fantastic coffee? For more information visit magazine InStore Slovakia. Also business with coffee has a lot to offer, as you can learn in WomanMan magazine. Do you think you have not tried a well done oriental cezve coffee yet? We will tell you more regarding cezve coffee preparation on website Delikatesy ETREND here.

Don't know what to choose?
Come along and try!

Should you have any questions, let us know so we can arrange a coffee degustation in our showroom in Bratislava. We will introduce you our assortment, advise you and help you to choose the right cup of coffee for you.